A Cop's Life: True Stories from the Heart Behind the Badge By: Sgt. Randy Sutton

In this powerful collection of tales from the front lines, Las Vegas police sergeant Sutton goes beyond the neon into the dark corners of society, presenting the ultimate depiction of the hardest job there is. Martin’s Press.

The Crazy Lives of Police Wives By: Carolyn Whiting & Carolyn LaRoche

A Police Officer’s calling in life is to serve and protect, and he would willingly lay down his life for all. If he would do that for a stranger, imagine all that he would do for his wife. Our law enforcement husbands are our heroes, we love them dearly and we wouldn’t trade them for the world, but being a Law Enforcement Officer’s wife comes with its own set of challenges. Law enforcement wives from across North America share communal advice, wisdom, experience, insight and laughter with fellow LEO wives. We offer a peek into our world, “the heart of the badge,” to our husbands, families, friends and neighbors.

Life Sentence By: Simon Gillard w/ Libby Harkness

“I’m awake again, shaking, sweating. My heart is racing and I stare into the dark. I can’t close my eyes. I fear the images – too many to count. They swim behind my eyelids; I am drowning in their terror. Suicides, heart attacks, murders, car crashes. The images come again and again. All the dead people . . . I have to touch their legs, their arms, reach into their pockets, look into their unseeing eyes for clues.”

From the moment two police officers walked into his primary school to give a talk, Simon Gillard knew he wanted to be a policeman. It was a dream that stayed with him right through high school, and as soon as he was old enough he applied to join the force. He began as an optimistic young probationary constable with a great sense of humor and passion for the job. But as his career began to build, so too did the number of cases he worked on, from high-profile murder investigations to pedophile rings, suicides to the investigation even of a fellow officer. As the cases mounted, Simon started to suffer panic attacks and to drink heavily. Nights were the most difficult: he would shut his eyes only to be tormented by nightmares about missing young women, and schoolboys not much older than his own son, whose lives had been devastated. He sought help but was encouraged to just “go back to work” and ended up making four attempts on his own life. He was later formally diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and invalided out of the force. In this powerful memoir, Simon reveals the details of the cases he worked on, how the police force operates, and how one man’s life can spiral so out of control. He is now working to create awareness about PTSD and has written this book to help other sufferers.

Some Gave All By: J. R. Sanders

Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Wild Bill Hickok: most people could recount at least a few details of such celebrated Old West figures whose fame rests mainly upon their exploits as lawmen. Though they are icons today, these men represent only a small fraction of the vast number who risked everything to bring law and order to the frontier. Many other “law dogs” of the untamed West engaged in exploits rivaling or surpassing those of their renowned contemporaries, yet their names are little, if at all, known today. They’ve been overlooked, forgotten, or – in the parlance of their day – “disremembered.” A key reason is that many of these men died in the line of duty, careers and lives cut short and any chance at lasting glory buried with them. They were truly “the numberless unknown heroes, equal to the greatest heroes known.” This book is intended as a tribute to such men, giving a small sampling of them – fourteen in all – their long-awaited due. In these accounts of their careers and untimely deaths, readers will find true tales as exciting and engaging as any told about the usual suspects – already the heroes of countless dime novels, books, films, and television shows.

True Blue: Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them By: Sgt. Randy Sutton

After September 11, 2001 Las Vegas Police Sergeant Randy Sutton began soliciting writing from law enforcement officers-his goal being to bridge the gap between the police and those they serve, with a book that offers a broad and thoughtful look at the many facets of police life. Hundreds of active and former officers responded from all over the United States: men and women from big cities and small towns, some who had written professionally, but most for the first time. Sutton culled the selections into five categories: The Beat, Line of Duty, War Stories, Officer Down, and Ground Zero.

The result is True Blue, a collection of funny, charming, exciting, haunting stories about murder investigations, missing children, bungling burglars, car chases, lonely and desperate shut-ins, routine traffic stops, officers killed in the line of duty, and the life-changing events of September 11. Here, officers reveal their emotions-fear and pride, joy and disgust, shame and love-as they recount the defining moments of their careers. In these stories, the heart and soul behind the badge shines through in unexpected ways. True Blue will change the way we think about the deeply human realm of police service.

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