Heroic LEO Mugs

Gifts for everyday superheroes dedicated in making this world a better place! The vibrant comic style design coffee mugs make perfect gifts for teachers, dads and moms.
Enter Discount Code: NALES in the discount section at checkout & $2.00 will be donated to the National Alliance for Law Enforcement Support with each purchase.
Thank you for being our Superheroes!


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Superhero Gift Shop’s Intro Chapter:
I am struck by “everyday people” who consistently put themselves out there in sometimes uncomfortable situations while utilizing their skills to enhance people’s lives for the better & choose to be the hero of their story despite their circumstances. Turning on the news bums me out.  There is too much focus on the bad. What about all the good in this world? I believe if we focus more on the good it will inspire us all for the better. So I am determined to use my skills to “join forces for good”.  So if you have a good cause to raise funds for lets join forces.  Drop me an email at Superherogiftshop@gmail.com Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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