The Governor of my state has issued a state of emergency to prepare for Irma. Honestly, I think it was a smart move. Hurricane Irma has been said to be one of the strongest hurricanes to date. It has obliterated everything in it’s path. She isn’t going to go down without a fight and she’s going to make sure her name is known.

I think one of the scariest things about all of this is that even with mandatory evacuations in a lot of places (one of the places I called home), it doesn’t apply for public safety. Essential personnel don’t pack up their belongings and get into a car and scoot on over to another state to safety. They stay there. Waiting for the worst hurricane in more than a decade, and one of the roughest hurricanes in history, to hit them. Some of us will leave behind our “essential personnel” family members in search for higher ground and safety. Do others even realize how incredibly difficult that is to do?  To leave behind a loved one to fight off the very thing you’re running from. I’ve been on the opposite side. I’ve shipped off my family to fight whatever demon was in front of me. Honestly, it was easier because my family was gone, they were safe. I knew what I had to do and I had a huge weight lifted off of my shoulder not having them to worry about. But this… This feeling… This sucks.

I’ve gone over my checklist time and time again. Funny thing… I made the man a hurricane box before I made ours. Now, I didn’t wait until last minute and ignore the needs of my family. Not at all. But. I made sure the man was taken care of.  We got hit with Hurricane Matthew last year. Thankfully we suffered only minor damage (and no power for almost a week) but this poor man saw maybe 8 hours of “down time” in 3 days. Yay for small departments. So I fixed him up. He could probably feed his unit for 3 or 4 days off of just what’s in his box! I even bought him his favorites, honey buns, and wrote little notes on them. He’s got gum, soups, chicken salad with crackers, protein and granola bars, instant coffee packs with creamers, socks, peanut butter, you name it, this man has it. He’s got a loaf of bread and a blanket going in on Sunday night (he is on what I call “hurricane duty” starting Monday). I have a feeling he’s going to need it.  I’m glad I packed enough for him to share.

I’m still working on my box. I’m waiting to figure out what side of the state Irma wants to put her crazy self on. If she chooses my side of the state, well, I’m abandoning my box, grabbing the kids, the dog, and some books and I’m on my way 4 hours inland. If she’s going West, well then I best be stocking up on Chunky soup and granola bars because my parents are coming over. Actually, my three boys eat like grown men, I’ll need more than soup and granola bars if I want to make sure hanger doesn’t consume my household! Monopoly is rough enough as it is, it could get ugly if hungry people play it.  Hopefully I’ll survive mentally to write again in two weeks!

Pray for our boys in blue, y’all. If you’re not the praying type, send good vibes or juju. They’ll need all of it. And while you’re at it, if you don’t mind, please pray for our red line guys too. One part of our country is drowning and another part is burning down.  Stay safe guys. Godspeed.

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