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Operation Safe Plate was founded by our Indiana Director, Cherilyn Eby in 2016.  Among all the other threats that face our officers every day, yet another struggle their meals.  Many officers choose drive through food, others prefer prepackaged gas station food.  All to often these choices are because they do not want have anything put into their food.  The goal of the program is to offer healthy safe meals to officers, either by setting up at a local department or officer friendly location within the police district.

Words from the Program Founder, Cherilyn Eby

“Operation Safe Plate was created because I found out my husband was eating gas station prepared food so that he knew there wasn’t any tampering with it.  We were discussing the latest news report of an officer who was sent to the hospital after his soda was laced with an unknown drug.  After talking with other police families, this is a very real issue and police officers are turning more and more to prepackaged high calorie food.

Our goal with creating Operation Safe Plate is to provide a safe healthy meal to officers on and off duty.  We will supply a breakfast, lunch, and dinner at either one department for all meals, or we will do a meal at various department within the county.   Our meals are either homemade by local law enforcement supporters or donated by local restaurants supporting the police in their area.

We offer an Operation Safe Plate as often as we have the funds and donations.  We will contact a police department and work with them on a date and time.  We have had great reception and many thanks for the home cooked meals.”

How You Can Help

Meals are provided by fundraising and donations.

To help with Operation Safe Plate, please contact Cherilyn.

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Cherilyn Eby


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