Our Program

K9 Assistance Recognition Education (KARE) program is part of the National Alliance for Law Enforcement Support.  Through KARE we provide assistance to officers in need. Whether it be tennis balls for training, bulletproof vests for the K-9, or providing a fundraiser we want our K-9 officers to have what they need to be successful. We also educate the public on KARE and the importance of K-9s. Seminars and social media are two of the best ways to succeed with educating the public. Also, in the case of retirement, line of duty death, or line of duty injury, we make sure a card goes out to the department from KARE.

“After I became a volunteer with NALES I quickly fell in love with KARE. I love K-9s and want others to understand how important K-9s are to each department.” -Director, Sarah Stephenson

How You Can Help

There are several ways people can help. Here are just a few:

  • Become a KARE volunteer and help us educate the public
  • Participating in our fundraisers
  • If you know of a K-9 officer in need please email so that we can assist in helping
  • Help spread the word through social media
  • Like our KARE page on Facebook and share our stories and fundraisers

Contact Information

Director: Sarah Stephenson kare@nalestough.org
Assistant Director: Joann Rausch kare.ad@nalestough.org 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a KARE Volunteer?
You must be an approved NALES Volunteer. You do not need to be a law enforcement family member or officer. Just someone who supports law enforcement.

Do I have to be a NALES volunteer for a number of years to be a KARE Volunteer?

Does my family member or spouse have to be a K-9 officer in order to be a KARE Volunteer?

How to I go about become a KARE Liaison for my state?
If your state has an open position, you may speak with your Chapter Director to fill the position.

What is the difference between a KARE Liaison and a KARE Volunteer?
A KARE Liaison is the main contact for K-9 officers in their state. KARE Volunteers assist the KARE Liaison with emailing out our KARE letter, helping with fundraisers, and donations.

Are there monthly requirements for the KARE Liaison?
Yes, you must report to the Director and Assistant Director with one item per month that you have done for KARE. This could be as simple as emailing out KARE letter, doing an educational seminar, or even a fundraiser for KARE.

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