Police Wife. I am one. I don’t use it as part of my identity. If you ask me who I am, I’d say, a mom, volunteer, wife and full-time employee. Never a police wife.

Typically, when people find out that I’m a police wife, I hear, “I’m so sorry.”, “I don’t know how you do it!”, “I could never be you.”, “You must be scared all of the time!” and I’m sure you can think of about five more to add to this list.

The thing is, I don’t want pity. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. What I want is you to respect law enforcement. Teach your children to respect them, not fear them. Go on a ride along, meet with local officers for coffee (many departments throughout the country do coffee with a cop or even donuts with cops), take a tour of your local police station. Be active. That is your right. You deserve to know these things. You are in change of your own law enforcement education. Not the internet.

We are hard working Americans trying to support our families, provide them the best we can. Show them love, hope, security and do what we can as part of this world. This is who we are.

-Sara Ditwiler, NALES Volunteer

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