About 15 years ago I was sitting in our kitchen with my mom and a few of her coworkers. I’d sit and listen in on their stories and details from the shift that they just got off of. One day in particular, I remember telling my mom that I was going to date a cop. She looked at me and said “if you want to be with a cop, you need to be in public service yourself. It’ll be really hard otherwise.”. I figured that she just meant emotionally with all of the stuff that they deal with. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that maybe she wasn’t just talking about the emotional aspect.

A video posted by a LEOW a few weeks ago made me chuckle. She mentioned that if you want to be with a LEO, you better be okay with them getting hit on and flirted with. I laughed because for us, that is definitely the truth!  Now, I’m a bit biased (yeah, I’ll admit it) but the man has a heart stopping smile. I’ve seen family friends stop talking when he flashed his toothy grin at them. It made me half swoon in the beginning but I’ll never tell him that!  He was working an event a little while ago and told me to stop in. I come on over, baby in the stroller, and spot him and start walking towards him. Two women are about five feet ahead and lean closer to him. They appeared to be possibly mom and daughter just by the ages. The older woman gets close enough to touch and tells him she’s so very thankful for him. She then grins and tells him he has nice calves. (I mean, in all honesty, he does…) She nudges the younger woman who mumbles something, they giggle and walk away quickly.  The younger woman sees me standing there and smiles and goes “Does that count as sexual harassment?  I think it did.”  I laughed and told her that I sexually harass him all the time. We share laughter and I hear the other woman say “I hope that didn’t come off too much as sexual harassment…” and you could tell that she really didn’t care. He smiles that swoon worthy smile, chuckles, and points and tells her “you can ask my wife, she’s right there.”  This poor lady starts apologizing profusely and I’m laughing and telling her that she is more than okay, she didn’t cross any lines. I told her I draw that at touching.  She lost the panic in her face and they walked away happy again.

A couple of nights ago was the town’s National Night Out. Him being a part of the traffic unit and DWI enforcement, had the privilege of running the driving course with the golf cart and beer goggles.  I brought our middle and youngest boys to partake in the festivities.  We stood off to the side and started people watching and I hear these women giggle and talk back and forth about the hot officer that they get to drive with.  They each watched him, googly eyed, as he asked them questions and explained the course with them. I’m pretty sure they never actually heard a word he was saying.  I stood off to the side keeping my laughing under control knowing that the man was completely oblivious to what was going on in the ladies heads.

Good thing I am the way that I am!

Hey, if the community appreciates and supports my husband because of how attractive they find him, that’s okay with me. At least he’s supported!


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