We see a lot of blogs and different posts and comments about the difficulties of life with a LEO.  We see different warnings from LEO families to non LEO families about everything from scheduling problems to being asked “are you even married?  We NEVER see him!” but you know what we don’t get a lot of?  Hearing about the good in this lifestyle. There is definitely good!


My back may be to the door whenever we’re out but I’ve never felt safer. I know that his eyes are always watching and they’re always making sure I am safe. It’s an incredible feeling, especially when kids are involved, knowing that he will go out of his way to avoid certain situations. Sometimes the compromises can be cumbersome but I know that there is a very important reason behind why he does what he does. You can’t complain knowing that your safety is absolutely number one.


Even if you can’t talk about your LEOs profession to any and everyone, there is this little bit inside that makes you want to stand straighter and push out your chest a little bit when talking about your LEO. It’s a wonderful thing to know that your loved one is a part of something bigger than themselves. It’s refreshing to know that doing this job is one of the least selfish things that any person could ever do. It’s also kind of nice that kids (and even some adults!) want to dress up like your LEO for Halloween and write on papers that this profession is what they want to do when they grow up.

The uniform

Even after years of seeing him wear pretty much the same exact thing, this man is still so incredibly sexy. I understand why people chase uniforms. That uniform is even more sexy when you think about the person wearing it. The brain that they have in their head. The broad shoulders that provide a grieving mom a place to cry. The strong hands that hold lives in them.


Family dinners don’t always happen but when they do, electronics go down and you linger a little longer over an empty plate to just talk. The bed isn’t always warm at night but when it is, you sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed. The need for jewelry and gifts is replaced with the desire to complete a movie together. The small things become the big and are appreciated so much more. A holiday is no longer about a day but becomes about who you spend an occasion with, no matter the date. The appreciation for your loved one grows as well. If anyone can live life like there’s no tomorrow, it’s a LEO family.

Scheduling and organization

Not only do you become a pro at budgeting and saving, but scheduling and organization becomes second nature. This is actually a great thing because things run so much more smoothly this way. With how unpredictable a work schedule can be and is, ease is a huge thing. We’re a family of five and each month is planned out smoother than if it was just me to worry about. I’ve got the menu planned for the month, coupons being clipped, saving money left and right on necessities, appointments set and down to a science. Now, if only I could get him to read the boards to find out what’s going on!

There are so many things to be grateful for in this lifestyle. With the bad, comes an insane amount of good when you just look.

Have I mentioned the uniform??


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