Well hello again!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season,  no matter which holiday you observe.  Ours was great. Our kids made out like bandits having three Christmases. The absolute best part?  The man was off for Christmas day.  I guess that saying “there’s a first time for everything” is very true, even in law enforcement.

So I took off some time from writing for a couple of reasons. One being I thoroughly enjoy the holidays and the family time that comes with it. Another reason may or may not be that I got the Sims 4 game for Christmas and I’ve been holed up with a blanket and my computer. I can neither confirm nor deny. I looked back to see when I posted my “I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday, I’ll be back mid-January” blog and I realized that I hadn’t actually posted it. I guess the stress that comes with the season won that round!  Moving on now…

I cook. A lot. I make big meals. Ones that take hours of work and use every single pot and pan and utensil in my kitchen. Along with that comes some sadness when the man is late from work and his food is no longer perfect by the time he gets to enjoy it. I’ve been having a really hard time making “lazy meals” because that just isn’t me. Not that I don’t enjoy them and not that I don’t appreciate a quick, easy cleanup, low stress meal, I just stop the habit of years of big home cooked meals.  Well, I think I have finally done it. I was so incredibly lucky to have gotten an Instant Pot from the man for Christmas. Y’all. It’s magic I tell ya!  This poor man woke up sick a couple of hours before work and I managed to send him out the door for his shift with a belly full of homemade chicken noodle soup. I usually let my chicken simmer for a good 4-6 hours but I didn’t have that time. You may be sitting and wondering “why in the world is this lady going on about food and cooking when this is a LEO support blog?”, but let me tell you, this is a game changer.  The man can call me on his way home (actual way home, not ‘kind of wandering that way but still searching for a drunk’ on the way home) and I can have meat in the pressure cooker and it’s hot and ready to go by the time he’s done getting undressed.  There have been so many days where either I’ve worked or I’ve completely forgotten to pack his lunch until it was really late (yes, I pack his lunches when I can because I can) and this thing has saved me. It saves a lot of money by packing lunches too. I think we’re all pretty familiar with how saving money and time can be pretty important living this lifestyle.

Do any of you use an Instant Pot (or Crock Pot brand pressure cooker, of course)?  Do you have a recipe that your LEO loves?  If you don’t have one and you’re not in the mood for spending hours cooking big meals every night, I recommend borrowing one from a friend if you don’t want to go buy one.


**I’m not paid to promote this at all, I just like things that are quick and easy without sacrificing quality. I just felt like I needed to throw that in there**


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